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Sell Gift Cards in your business

Sell giftcards in your business from local companies, Mexican and other Latin American countries.

To start you just have to register, deposit or transfer to the authorized bank account to have a balance to sell giftcards (You must report your payment in the system and your balance will be applied within 30 to 45 minutes at the established times).
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Sell Gift Cards in 4 easy steps:


Create an account on our platform, you need a cell phone number and an email.


Transfer from $ 50 dollars to our bank account.


Report your payment in the platform so that the amount deposited is reflected in your account.


Configure the commission that you will receive in your account, so that it is reflected in the ticket when you print the ticket.

Benefits of selling giftcards in your business:

  • Your customers purchase a giftcard in your business.
  • Your customers avoid traveling long distances to purchase a entertaiment service.
  • Your customers save time by avoiding long lines.
  • Your customers make purchases, recharge, pay their bills in the same establishment.

Benefits of sell giftcards in your business:

  • You receive a commission for the collection of each receipt.
  • You get extra money to pay your own bills.
  • Increase the flow of customers in your business.

How to sell giftcards in your business

  • 01.
    Select the gift card to buy.

  • 02.
    Select the amount of the card you want to buy.

  • 03.
    Enter the cell phone number, your client’s number and confirm it so that your redemption code (PIN) arrives.

What do I need to start selling giftcards in my business?

Balance available for sell in your account.
Computer or tablet with an updated web browser.
Internet connection.
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